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T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality

T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality

Question: What do Batman, Spider-man, and Tarzan have in common?

Answer: They both travel via swinging, and so can you.

Digital Force Technologies actually invented something straight from the movies and my adventurous dreams with the T-PLS pneumatic “tactical line-throwing system”. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the photo here, my eyes practically bulged out. All I could think of was: “Wow, someone finally invented a grappling hook gun”.

Let’s face it, we all have all wanted one of these things at sometime or another. The other day I was in a large building and thought: “Why do I really have to walk to the other side? Can’t I just shoot a grappling hook gun and swing there?” I mean, we have the technology now, you would think everyone would have a grappling-hook gun.

Well, if I had the T-PLS, all I would have to do is shoot, hook and go! The T-PLS has 120 feet of cable, with up to 350 psi of compressed air. The line is 7mm Kevlar, and the grappling hook is titanium.

Unfortunately, the T-PLS is designed for Special Operations Forces, so I’m guessing it probably won’t be available for the consumer market. I suppose that really is for the best, but no price is too high for the joy of actually having one of these things.


18 thoughts on “T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality”

  1. “Wow, someone finally invented a grappling hook gun”
    actually, i think they have been around for a long time now…think the navy used/uses them for rescue operations or something like this.

  2. What is anybody going to do with a gun like this? There is a reason that nobody but spider man and the occasional super hero used one and that is this little thing called common sense! What are you going to do? Swing into your cubical?

  3. This would be cool to use when boating if you get stuck on a sand bar in the middle of glacier waters. You need to hook to a tree or something to help you get unstuck without jumping into freezing waters, Especially when alone!

  4. holly crap man i always dreamed of having this it is so cool i can imagine having it i wouldn’t have to walk that mush any more.


  5. Let me guess, standard people like us arnt allowed one? and if we are… where can we get one and around what price range?

  6. how do i buy this grapple gun. and how much is it(ex.$$ 200.99)and where is the website to buy it. is it possible to modify how high it shoots if so can u email me how to do it. thanks you.!:)

  7. Guys, you could make one of these. As long as you don’t trespass with it, and don’t harm anyone, it would be legal. You would just create a pipe out of something stronger than PVC piping (150-500$), and attach a bundle of strong rope (100-350$) to the bottom and secure it. Then make a air chamber, with a valve, and use a pump of some kind to compress the air into the chamber, and viola! The only thing you need to do now is attach a strong metal hook to the end of the rope, and attach the other end of the rope onto a part of the “launcher”. Then just make a “barrel” that the back of the hook fits (airtight). Viola. Now you have a cheap-ass version of this gun for about 700-1200$. Don’t try to fufill your vigilante dreams. Remember that even with this all this does is send a hook up to a surface. Even the real gun doesn’t pull you up like in the movies. You would have to yank yourself up the rope.

  8. hey guys it isn´t ru you can use the grapplin hook and it can pull you up like in movies there i don´t now where do they sell on internet but my brother does there big one that suport 120 pound and small ones that can handle 70 to 90 pounds later on theday i put the website so you can get one i think the cost is 500 dollars the small and the big 700 dollars i just think it is very cool i´m going to order one when i have the money

  9. Thats pretty bad ass. But I was thinking you know what would make it cooler, is if it had a dial of some sorts to punch in how many feet you wanted it to shoot out and also if it retracted by itself until it hooked on something.

  10. There are tutorials for wrist flamethrowers on youtube. Some BYU students are developing a hookshot prototype you can attach on the end of a gun. And with special skydiving suits, gliding from rooftop to rooftop is actually a reality. Along with bulletproof clothing, there is literally everything you need to become a certified supervillain. Of course, not all of the technology is miniaturized so chances are you’ll look completely ridiculous sporting all that gear but f**k it.

  11. A paintball marker with a hook and cable attached and use a nylon bush to make a seal on the back of the hook (may have to exceed 300fps limit on marker which may make it illegal in your area so check first). To be really cool try a rope ascender on the cable.

    Just my two cents, try at your own risk.

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