T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality

T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality

Question: What do Batman, Spider-man, and Tarzan have in common?

Answer: They both travel via swinging, and so can you.

Digital Force Technologies actually invented something straight from the movies and my adventurous dreams with the T-PLS pneumatic “tactical line-throwing system”. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the photo here, my eyes practically bulged out. All I could think of was: “Wow, someone finally invented a grappling hook gun”.

Let’s face it, we all have all wanted one of these things at sometime or another. The other day I was in a large building and thought: “Why do I really have to walk to the other side? Can’t I just shoot a grappling hook gun and swing there?” I mean, we have the technology now, you would think everyone would have a grappling-hook gun.

Well, if I had the T-PLS, all I would have to do is shoot, hook and go! The T-PLS has 120 feet of cable, with up to 350 psi of compressed air. The line is 7mm Kevlar, and the grappling hook is titanium.

Unfortunately, the T-PLS is designed for Special Operations Forces, so I’m guessing it probably won’t be available for the consumer market. I suppose that really is for the best, but no price is too high for the joy of actually having one of these things.


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