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The S-Zone Leather DSLR Camera Bag is for that special hipster in your life

S-Zone Vintage Leather DSLR Camera Messenger Bag

Finding the perfect gift for everyone you know on a budget can be pretty difficult. Thankfully Internet deals make it so we don’t have to leave our homes in the very least. Of course, the hard part is finding just the right thing to suit every individual and seem as though you put some measure of thought into what you got them. If you know someone with more expensive tastes and an affinity for photography, then they are either out of luck, or you’re going to be spending a pretty penny on something fancy.

If you are able to do the latter, then this S-Zone Leather DSLR Camera Bag seems like it would make most photographers amateur and above pretty happy. It is made of a high quality leather, and measures 9.1×13.5×9 inches, and has padding inside to hold a camera body and two lenses. Since the padding can also be removed, this could dual-function as a plain-ole messenger bag for those that just want a neat bag of holding to carry things around in.

There is a zipper to keep the main compartment shut, and a flap with two clasps that will fall over the main zipper and a front zippered pocket for smaller items. There is also a rear pocket, and two side saddle pockets. The clasps and rings are all made of metal, which means this $126 bag is going to hold up to whatever daily use you put it through, and could possibly outlive you if it’s treated well enough.

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