Synology DS1511+ is the company’s latest flagship

Synology has recently unveiled the DS1511+ over the holiday season, where the successor to the highly popular flagship DiskStation, the DS1010+, looks set to bring storage at home to new heights. Basically this new five-bay NAS is capable of accepting up to a couple of DX510 expansion units, bringing the grand total to a whopping 15 drives. Surely your mind will be blown away by that figure; imagine using 3TB drives that are capable of yielding a potential of up to 45TB of storage – man, what are you going to do with all of that storage? Surely folks who download plenty of stuff will find the Synology DS1511+ to be heaven-sent, as they must be sick of purchasing hard drive after hard drive in a regular external drive setup. Well, that’s what we’re here for – to bring you more information on the Synology DS1511+.

The DiskStation is capable of delivering a reliable solution for the standard NAS roles, where among them include easy file sharing, scheduled backups, remote access, and centralized management. Not only that, additional services can also be enabled, where among them include a built-in web server capable of hosting up to thirty sites simultaneously, or even an add-on email server. Apart from that, remote access has also been further enhanced with apps available for free on Android and iPhone smartphone platforms.

According to Franklin Hua, a Technical Marketing Manager at Synology America, “The DS1511+ is the most scalable and full-featured NAS of its class. With the DS1511+ so affordable and packed with all the features Synology is known for, why would anyone choose DAS? This is a tremendous value.”

It will not cost you more than a grand for the new DiskStation which runs on Synology’s DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.0, but will in fact be no more expensive than nine Benjamins. DSM 3.0 will offer users an intuitive desktop-like interface to simplify access to the DiskStation, regardless of whether locally or remotely. Its user-friendly Storage Manager and Synology Hybrid RAID allows users to quickly and easily create redundant volumes. Each purchase of the Synology DS1511+ will be accompanied by a competitive 3-year warranty and in-house technical support for free.

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