You have got to like the SWITL spatula

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that you appreciate the most. For example, something that can clean up a ketchup or mayonnaise stain without leaving any trace evidence (for lack of a better word).
This is the Furukawa Kikou SWITL robot hand, and I have a video of it after the jump removing an ugly stain. What makes it really interesting is how that it is able to put the stain back, as if the stain was never removed in the first place.
Yes, I don’t really see the value of a robotic hand spatula that can move a stain. Especially when I couldn’t help but notice that it looks like the stain was put on some Teflon coated surface. If this is just your ordinary kitchen counter, then it is worth building the rest of this robot’s body to go with the hand if it can do these speedy clean-ups. This is assuming that the robot hasn’t already been built just yet.
Apparently, the purpose of this robot arm is to create a robot arm for bakeries who want to handle soft substances that are too gooey for ordinary human hands. Honestly, I can think of a few places in my own kitchen where this would come in handy.


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