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SwitchEasy has a spanking new HELIX Aero-Tech case for the iPhone 6

helix-aero-techOwning a brand new smartphone is one thing – taking care of it to ensure that it remains in a pristine condition for as long as possible is another. The thing is, there are some cases out there that would do their level best to obscure the beautiful design which was originally imagined by the designer of the handset, as though the smartphone itself remains veiled from its true form factor. However, some folks deem this to be a necessary evil, design-wise, and SwitchEasy hopes to change that perception where the iPhone 6 is concerned with their brand new HELIX Aero-Tech case.

SwitchEasy claims the HELIX Aero-Tech case for the iPhone 6 happens to be the first of its kind, where iPhone users will be able to enjoy the redefinition of protection with a sleek proprietary design. It tips the scales at an extremely light 26 grams, making the HELIX Aero-Tech as one of the world’s lightest shock-proof cases with MIL-STD 810G certification. Just how great is it in terms of performance? How about this – it features impact absorbing corner bumpers with air chambers which will protect the iPhone from accidental drops, as is required by the MIL-STD specification. Not only that, it has a special hexagonal cell design which can help absorb impact via the case for an added level of security.

Both the iPhone’s power and volume buttons will remain covered to boot, letting users enjoy a tactile feel and response when they push them, and all at the same time helping to keep dirt and dust out. If you are interested, you will be able to pick up the new HELIX Aero-Tech case for iPhone 6 in a couple of color options; black/black and white/red, where it will carry the asking price of $29.99 a pop.

Surely this is one of the cooler iPhone cases that we have seen, such as the Lunecase.

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