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SwitchEasy announces new cases for iPhones

switcheasy-iphoneSwitchEasy, a name that is more often than not synonymous with delivering accessories for the mobile lifestyle, has just announced a couple of offerings – BoomBox for the iPhone 5/5S as well as LifePocket SL for the iPhone 6. The former, the BoomBox, happens to be an innovative case that has been specially designed in order for it to amplify music and phone calls, all without having to be powered by an external battery, or to have yu tote around an additional cable. As for the LifePocket SL, this particular model would bring its predecessor, the LifePocket folio case, to a whole new level thanks to its Stitch Less construction – hence the case’s new name designation.

With the special stitch-less manufacturing process, the LifePocket SL has been specially designed in order to be extremely simple, and yet visually stunning. This would go a long way in complementing the sleekly-designed and recently introduced iPhone 6. Apart from that, its unique design would also enable the owner to carry up to half a dozen credit cards in addition to five paper bills, which frees the need to tote around a wallet. After all, Apple Pay’s cashless transaction program should catch more steam in due time, letting you live a truly cashless life. Not only that, LifePocket SL would also include SwitchEasy’s unique, patent-pending FlipCash that offers easy access to cash and credit cards.

As for the BoomBox, it boasts of an innovative design, delivering added functionality and letting users enjoy superior protection in a modern form-factor. The case itself will come with a built-in kickstand, where it will then expand its capabilities for ease-of-use and convenience. The amplification-based design enhances as well as boosts music or a speakerphone-based conversation by up to three times louder, without having to sacrifice on either clarity or sound quality.

You can choose from Black, Blue, Orange, Pink and Yellow for the new SwitchEasy LifePocket SL, while the BoomBox will cater to the iPhone 5/5S in Black, Blue, Pink, Grey and Yellow shades, retailing for $34.99 and $24.99, respectively.

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