Switch Me Uses Pain To Change Your Ways

Sometimes it’s just tough remembering to be careful about all of your energy consumption.  There are those that are naturally great at it, but unfortunately we’re just not all that way.  Well if you’d like to force yourself to change your ways, then this is one way to do it.  If nothing else you’ll start to think about it when you turn on your lights.  Either that or you’ll learn to move your fingers out of the way really quick.

With this it wouldn’t be so bad to turn off the light, it’s just going to sting a little bit when you turn them on.  This was designed by a French designer, Josselin Zargouche.  That does mean that you won’t be able to purchase this light switch rigged up like a mouse trap.  You could always attempt to make your own though.  Then you could put it in a room that you or your family have the tendency to turn on the lights too much within.

Source: Bookofjoe