Switch Multi Tool choose between 18 tools

Most people have had a Swiss Army Knife at some point in their lives.  It’s a multi-tool that comes jam packed full of all sorts of little tools most of which you never needed, but were just happy to have around.  You did always seem to be stuck with one or two attachments that you really would rather trade in for something more useful for your life.  Well thankfully Quirky has picked up the Switch Knife that allows for you to pick and choose what attachments you want included.

First you choose the size of your knife, the small will hold 2-6 tools, the medium holds 4-10 and the large holds 7-13 tools.  Even after you pick which tools you want, you can remove or add some on a regular basis.  There are a grand total of 18 attachments to choose from.  The list includes a standard knife, pliers, scissors, nail file, tweezers, thin flathead screwdriver, Philips-head screwdriver, eyeglass Philips, eyeglass flathead, wood saw, serrated blade, corkscrew, combination bottle opener/flathead screwdriver, combination can opener/wire stripper, pen, magnifying glass, LED flashlight and a 1GB USB memory stick.  Right now you can pre-order your own for $79.