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Swiss Military Pen

Swiss Military Pen
From the country that brought you such classics as the Swiss Army Knife, comes a new and even more amazing gadget. The Swiss Military Pen is a neat little pen which packs in just about as much as you could fit into…a pen?

The pen is composed of three basic cylinders which can be unscrewed. Inside of each cylinder are small storage areas where each of the tools can fold out of so it is very compact.
Swiss Military Pen
There are actually 12 tools in the pen! Those include a flat screwdriver, hole puncher, steel file, short cutting blade, ear pick, nail remover, long cutting blade, tweezers, phillips screwdriver, steel fork, saw and it is even a working pen! It makes you wonder where they could fit the ink!

Of course the Swiss are also known for their quality and precision, so this handy little tool is no exception. It is constructed from Aircraft Grade Alloy so it is built to last! It’s very tough but incredibly light-weight so it’s easy to slip into a pocket, notebook or bag.

If you want to improve your camping trips with the newest technology, this Swiss Military Pen could be a good start. You can order yours for just £12.95 from Boys Stuff.

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