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Swing Beginner Concept Car

This is the Swing Beginner concept car. As you can see, even the artistic model is impressed.

The Swing Beginner car concept is like nothing that I’ve seen in a car as it relies not on a wheel to steer, but the driver’s leaning.

Yes, the driver must lean to go in a certain direction. You might just wonder what the heck this is good for, but as you can see from the diagrams on the photo, it can do some interesting turning.

Take that U turn, for example, most cars would require a serious ring around the steering wheel just to go in the other direction. Apparently, only a specific lean is required. I also like the leaning for easy sideways parallel parking.

You might wonder why wonder why the word “Beginner” is in the title of this car. That is a good question. I mean, is this meant to be a car for beginners?

I would have to admit, I would have to relearn how to drive in order to use this device. Something tells me that a pre-schooler might get in on this action. I think they would be the first to adapt to this new style of steering, provided they have never operated a steering wheel before.


3 thoughts on “Swing Beginner Concept Car”

  1. Eggstremely bad idea… Imagine if you sneeze which direction will go and cause an accident, all it takes is a second to have a simple ops, I did it again. What if your smoking and your cigarette falls and you lean to pick it up off the seat or floor? Now you see the eggstremely bad idea part?

  2. This type of engineering is ONLY good for in-office/house mobile devices to get people from point A to point B who are handicap or just lazyass corporate individuals.

  3. This is silly…. Same idea as riding a bike, your body tends to go where your eyes are looking. This is so dumb of an idea I had to comment… I am with you on this hukiworld

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