SwiMP3 Player is 100% Waterproof

SwiMP3 Player
Listening to music when I run makes it a lot more interesting and maybe even fun. If I were to go swimming, I’d be bored to death: there would be no music, podcasts, or audiobooks to distract me from the actual exercise. While seasoned swimmers wouldn’t use the SwiMP3 player, I definitely would.

It looks completely nerdy, but that’s the sacrifice you make in order to have your MP3 player be completely waterproof. The player goes behind your head and is attached to a pair of goggles (you can attach your own). Sound is obviously the most important part of any MP3 player, and this is where the SwiMP3 player gets innovative. Instead of standard headphones, two pads rest against your cheek bone and the sound is then transmitted clearly to your ear.

None of the other features of the SwiMP3 are as cool as those. A very minimal 128 MB of memory is provided, which is enough for about 80 songs; there’s not even a SD slot to upgrade the capacity. The battery isn’t extraordinary either, providing only 4 hours of play time, but who really swims for 4 hours straight?

I doubt any real competitive swimmers will rush out to buy the SwiMP3 player, but regular people looking to spice up their exercise, because laps can get boring, should consider it. It is a tad on the expensive though, going for $250/£118. For that much you can get a 30 GB iPod.

Product Page [via Shiny Shiny]