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SwiMP3 2G Waterproof MP3 Player from FINIS

The other day, I reviewed some waterproof earbuds from Pioneer, and the SwiMP3 2G is a definite step up for swimmers. The SwiMP3 2G are designed to be clipped to a pair of swimming goggles, and use Bone Conduction. If you haven’t used Bone Conduction, then you really need to try it. I got a chance to try out the SwiMP3, and I could put these guys anywhere on my head to hear the music loud and clear. In addition to the Bone Conduction feature, the SwiMP3 2G is so named as it holds 2G of storage with 500 songs, or 30 hours of music. Getting tunes on it is as easy as attaching it to a computer via USB, and it plays WMA and MP3 formats, in addition to being iTunes convertible. The battery is good for eight hours per charge, but I don’t seem to have any info about how deep it can go. I checked out the instructions for care, and I was surprised to find that one needs to rinse the SwiMP3 2G with clean water after every use, even to rinse off the USB plug as well. I’m pretty impressed that the USB plug can take the water. Let’s make all of our technology this waterproof! If you want to get in on this waterproof action, just head on over to the Finis site and lay down about $159.99. ]]>