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Swimmo helps swimmers improve their personal records

swimmoGoing for a swim is always a good exercise to indulge in – especially when you take into consideration how it works out all of you major muscle groups, without having any kind of negative impact on your joints to boot. Well, if you swim for leisure, chances are you are not too hot and bothered about beating your previous lap times, but if you were to crank up the serious notch by a bit, surely a regular sports watch is not going to cut the mustard, taking into account the amount of time that you will be spending in chlorine infested waters. Enter the Swimmo, a smartwatch and personal swimming coach that intends to break down the barriers of current monitoring devices available to swimmers. So much for the regular exercise watch!

How does the Swimmo work? For starters, it will offer personalized training and real time progress, as swimmers can then begin to train smarter by tracking distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned all from one simple, waterproof device. Not only that, Swimmo’s innovative technology will ensure that users remain within their ideal training zones – if you were to push yourself too hard, then the Swimmo will alert your through vibrations, informing you that you should slow down. The same thing happens, too, if you were to take things too easy.

Swimmo CEO, Mateusz Heleniak shared, ‘There are many apps and devices that support training for runners and cyclists, but very few are created specifically for swimmers. We decided to change that with Swimmo, a smartwatch that overcomes all the challenges of using a wearable device underwater. Swimmo focuses on developing the strength and power of muscles through customized training. We have outfitted the device with a number of proprietary technologies such as Rotate&Tap gesture control, a waterproof hear rate sensor, IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper. All of these features help keep your swimming pace in line with your current training plan.”

Made of high-grade materials, the watchband will rely on a modern polymer material that is smooth to the touch, anti-allergic, and will also ensure no discomfort or chafing occurs, while the bezel has been designed to eliminate itching or scratching.

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