Swimmer’s Treadmill burns those calories with as little space as possible

One of the inconveniences of modern times would be the lack of living space for the average person simply because nobody makes new land anymore – unless you are reclaiming it, of course, which is “cheating”. Not only that, property prices do not seem to get lower each year, but on average, they tend to hold and go north – unless there is a really bad recession, of course. Having said that, not everyone is able to afford a home with a swimming pool, so this is where the $1,400 Swimmer’s Treadmill comes in handy.
Such a swimming pool is basically the translation of a regular treadmill, except that you will be swimming laps in a stationary position. Sounds like some sort of sorcery, but actually, this 65′ square pool is small enough to be set up in garages, backyards, and even basements. A harness will wrap around your waist, as long as it is no smaller than 22″ and you do not have love handles that send the measuring tape more than 42″. A flexible elastic tether will also be part of the set up that suspends swimmers in the water, delivering different levels of resistance. For example, stronger strokes and kicks will yield additional resistance. Even better news is this – there is no need for any special tools, plumbing, or electrical work to get it installed, where all you need to do is fill up the 4.5-feet high pool with 1,500 gallons of fresh, chlorinated, or saltwater. It is about time you start burning those fats accumulated during the holiday season, of course, to get in shape for Valentine’s Day.