Swiftpoint’s Mouse makes an award-winning splash at CES 2011

Just so you know, CES is officially over. However, we’ll be reporting about its ripples in the tech world all year round.
I figure it will probably take me the rest of the month to report on all the coolest gadgets that I saw in Vegas this year, so I will start with the Swiftpoint mouse. Actually, it is not a new product, as we covered it almost three years ago.
I guess it takes a while for these gadgets to get in the hands of consumers. The Swiftpoint mouse is designed to fit just on the end of the user’s thumb, and made for places where there is no room for a mousepad. Say you are on an airplane or sitting on a bus, and you only have the little bit of room to manipulate your mouse on the edge of your laptop.
It comes with a wireless dongle for the USB port, and allows for charging via USB as well. Not only does it have the left and right mouse keys, but a customizable “up” direction and SmartTouch sensor.
Swiftpoint is designed just for that, and it won the CES Design and Engineering Program Computer Peripherals Award of 2011. Just so you know, it is available now for a price of US$69, GBP49 and EUR59 on the official site.