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Sweetzpot introduces the FLOW wearable fitness device

Sweetzpot-FLOWThose who are always working out and would like to keep track of the various metrics through the entire fitness regime would definitely have a heart rate monitor of sorts. Well, with the world moving towards integration of functionality in many aspects, Sweetzpot decided to work on the FLOW, a wearable fitness device that will bring together a breathing sensor as well as a heart rate monitor. FLOW arrives in the form of a comfortable chest band with the claim that it can help improve athletic stamina as well as performance.

 Touted for a rollout some time in the second half of this year with an asking price of $299 apiece, FLOW is also able to support the extremely popular Garmin Connect and STRAVA, playing nice with a slew of mobile devices and smartwatches as its FLOW companion app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. This is the first affordable sensor of its kind that merges breathing and heart rate in order to assist athletes in their training to hit the elusive sweet spot, something that is far more difficult to do traditionally.

After all, oxygen is the fuel for muscles, and is one of the most critical components when it comes to an athlete’s performance. FLOW will provide athletes with direct insight into the air flowing into the body (in litres/min), in addition to breathing pattern with precise timing. It is worn as a chest band, allowing one to garner real-time actionable feedback so that the athlete can oxygenate properly, making adjustments on the spot to their breathing so that pace and stamina can be maintained without tiring out too quickly.

It can be used in both indoor and outdoor sports, and for virtually any sport or activity. With a waterproof IP rating of 7 (up to 1 meter for 30 min), you can even use this for your short swimming sessions, and sweat is not going to be an issue for FLOW.

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