SweepEZE – The Vacuuming Dustbin

Vacuuming DustbinWhen I first heard about this I was imagining a dustbin on wheels that would roll around the kitchen sucking dirt up, alas it’s not that clever but is still pretty darn cool. The SweepEZE Vacuuming Dustbin resembles an ordinary old kitchen bin but it has a hidden talent, the ability to automatically suck up dirt.

The SweepEZE sort of does half the job of sweeping the floor, you’ve still got to the actual sweeping but instead of stooping down with a dustpan and brush (or sweeping the dust it under the carpet or cabinets), simply sweep the muck pile under the SweepEZE. It will then detect the muck (with it’s infrared eye) and suck it up, hey presto clean floor!

You can get the SweepEZE from Amazon for $34.97 (hat tip to Crib Candy).

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