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SwatchMate – Colors to Go


Have you ever had an idea of an exact color you wanted for a project? Whether it be a decorating project, or a fashion idea. Did you ever forget to bring a swatch with you when you were trying to match a bedspread to drapes? Have you ever taken a picture of a color with your smartphone hoping that it would help? Well have I got the gadget for you!

Check out SwatchMate a cool little cube that lets you capture any color by simply  holding it up to an object or surface and pressing a button. SwatchMate actually records the color, proceeds to save it in a digital format, and then lets you refer to your chosen hue in any number of creative projects.

The SwatchMate Cube is an uber-portable device that can capture the color of any surface and, via Bluetooth, send that color data to your smartphone (iOS or Android) or even directly into Photoshop. Imagine having the exact colors of your choosing, always at your disposal!

SwatchMate doesn’t just let you incorporate colors into Photoshop or match color to paint brands, and textiles, it will help you shop for home accents, or put together outfits with shoes, and remember lipstick shades. I gotta have one! If you do too, get in on the project at The cubes are around 100 bucks (depending on where you live) and are expected to ship this summer.