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Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker fails to conjure unicorn’s presence

swarovski-rainbowmakerThere is just something about rainbows that make life a whole lot easier and joyful – there is no denying that for sure. Well, if you felt that you have had some bad mojo in your life in the past few months, and would like to turn things around, perhaps getting a pet unicorn might help you – but since that is just about impossible to obtain, how about something that is readily available via an online transaction? I am referring to the $39.99 Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker, where this particular device will introduce a swirl of dazzling rainbows right smack into the middle of your living room!

Using it is a snap, although you would need a bright and sunny day to capitalize on it. All that you need to do is to place this Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker at a window that receives direct sunlight, and voila! The crystal itself will rotate and refract sunlight, resulting in the creation of amazing rainbows which will be able to move through the entire room, keeping you (and the rest of your guests) mesmerized for sure. While it is made out of plastic, within lies a Genuine Swarovski crystal which will enable sunlight to create rainbows, and who knows, a unicorn might just come galloping up your driveway after that as your fortunes begin to change.