Swap music between iPods with miShare

Have you ever hung out with someone discussing music, when you both realize that you each have songs the other want? If you’re not near a computer, then there’s really no good way to share your music. However, with the miShare you can just hook up your iPods and swap tracks to your heart’s content.

The miShare is a simple little device with two 30-pin dock connectors that will work with most iPods 3G and up (unfortunately not the iPod Touch or iPhone). Connect both iPods and press the button to transfer the last song (or video) played. Hold down the button and your entire ‘On-The-Go’ playlist gets copied.

Some might argue the legal implications of this device, however, I’m confident that anyone using this would only be swapping non-copyrighted material. The miShare will set you back by $99, which means you’d better be exchanging a lot of music, otherwise that’s 100 songs that you could legally download from iTunes. Just a little food for thought.

Source: Technabob