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SwannOne adds some brain to home security

swann-oneSwann should be a familiar name for many of us, especially since they happen to be a global leader in DIY security monitoring, and have just announced the availability of its security-centric, smart solution known as SwannOne. SwannOne would ensure that home automation ends up at a whole new level, providing simple yet complete control over every element from the comfort of a central device – and in this case, it would either be a smartphone or a tablet for most of us.

The SwannOne can be said to be a smarter method of looking at security for the home or business, where users get to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are safe, and their space is secure. It can be customized in a jiffy, and is also scalable based on specific needs. The SwannOne will connect to a variety of devices using Wi-Fi and other mainstream radio protocols, and fret not if your family grows, you will be able to ensure that your SwannOne solution does so in tandem through the simple act of including more functions as and when required.

The SwannOne system works this way – it starts off with the SwannOne Smart Hub and iOS or Android app for easy control and endless applications, before you take the step to add on the SwannOne SoundView Camera to monitor and record what has been happening in your home. Heck, Swann has also thrown in a tamper detection feature that will ensure you are alerted via your handset is someone attempts to break or move the camera.

Integrated microphones will be able to analyze certain sounds like breaking glass, baby cries, car alarms, and even gunshots, where it will only send a notification where major noise disturbances are concerned, and definitely not innocent ones such as a dropped wine glass on the floor. Heck, it will also listen and protect the home from smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide threats by hearing the alarms going off, before firing away an alert.

This affordable plug-and-play solution does not need any kind of hard wiring, and all of its peripherals come fitted with 3M Command strips to enable easy and transferable placement.

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