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Swann reveals 4K Ultra HD Security System

swann-4k-ultrahd-securityThey say that a man’s home is his castle – well, castles in medieval times are definitely well fortified to say the least, and most of the time only a long term siege would be able to bring a castle to its knees and get looted. What if there was a different way to do things for the modern day home when it comes to settling all of the security concerns that one has? A video surveillance system would more often than not be something that most homeowners would look forward to in installing, be they solar powered and motion triggered or otherwise, but Swann wants to take things further by another step – to make sure that whatever video it captures will be of the highest quality in terms of resolution, which is why they have launched the Swann 4K Ultra HD Security System.

Specially designed to offer peace of mind, the system will comprise of a quartet of 4K, 8 megapixel HD cameras with IR cut filters in order to have it capture more detailed items at night up to 100 feet. It will also come with an IP66 rating that makes the 4K Ultra HD Security System more water resister, ideal for outdoor and indoor uses. One can also easily locate incident video before transferring it to an external storage through the accessible USB port or their network.

Not only that, one can also gain access to live viewing, alerts and playback on smartphones and tablets thanks to the free SwannView Plus app for iOS and Android, in addition to doing the same on an HDTV and LCD screen or monitor via an HDMI or VGA connection or VGA port. It taks mere minutes for users to connect using the SwannLink ‘Peer-to-Peer’ easy network connection software. The DIY-friendly system boasts of an easy installation process, and will feature an Ethernet cable, HDMI cable, power adapter and splitter, mouse, TVI cables, mounting screws and plugs, theft deterrent stickers and a quick start guide. Pricing details have yet to be determined though.

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