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Swann keeps a record of your driving

Swann dashcam

Dash cameras in vehicles are nothing new, but it is nice to see how technology makes things safer for just about every single one of us. For instance, rear view cameras that has a built-in camera are not uncommon, and Swann would like to expand their portfolio in the realm of DIY security monitoring has shown off its new range of High Definition dash cameras: namely the Navigator HD Dash Camera and Economy HD Dash Camera. Regardless of which model that you decide to bring home, it offers drivers a new level of protection, as the full HD cameras come equipped with G-sensor accident detection, a vehicle safety system that detects sudden acceleration, collisions and safeguards from fraudulent insurance claims.

Specially designed to offer peace of mind on the road, the Navigator HD Dash Camera will feature a wide angle 140° lens that records full HD 1080p video, photos and audio in real-time, not to mention the ability to capture license plates. This means that drivers will never miss an incident, as the camera performs recording automatically the moment the engine is turned on and whenever motion is detected. In addition, the included GPS locator would be able to track exact movements and places, while detailed time and location data are stamped on the footage. With the Navigator GPS software seeing action on a computer or tablet, users are able to check driving routes and speed information on the map in a jiffy.

Setting it up is a snap, thanks to the unobtrusive suction mounting that will hook up to the vehicle’s windscreen. USB connectivity enables easy transferring of footage to their computer and recharge their device’s battery using the included mini USB cable. Each $149.99 purchase comes with the Navigator HD Dash Camera, a car suction mount, a car charger, a 13-foot cable and USB to Mini USB cable.