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The SUV Travel Air Bed – who says sleeping in the car can’t be luxurious?

SUV Air Mattress

If you traveled with your parents a lot when you were a kid, you know exactly how important it is to have entertainment and learn how to sleep for the duration of the drive. If one option fails you, there’s always the other to help you out. While that’s not much of a problem for adults, nap time does happen if someone else is driving.

If you don’t have to deal with much in the way of suitcases, but are faced with a long drive, then this SUV Travel Air Bed would definitely make it easier to sleep in a moving vehicle. This is just an air mattress, but it folds over the wheel wells so you don’t roll into them, and there’s cushion that folds up near where the mattress meets the front seats. The maximum size this can expand to is 71×51 inches, and it is reversible. This is made of ultra-thin material, which means storing it when it’s not in use will be a breeze.

This is also cold-resistant, though it should be -13 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the car for this to be the most comfortable that it can be. Of course, if your aim is to stay in your car for a drive-in movie theater, the beach, or a camping trip, this would also be a far more pleasant bed to lay on. It’s going to cost you around $129, but for people who are often looking to sleep or nap in their car, this could be a godsend for a good night of sleep.

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