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Survival Solar E Panels ensures you get juice all the time

survivor-solar-e-panelWhenever you head out to the great outdoors, there is one thing that most of us would like to take note of – that would be ensuring that our mobile devices are fully charged, and where possible, there is a spare battery for us to bring along. Of course, this is ensuring that there are pit stops from time to time that allows us to juice up our devices. However, should you end up in a really, really secluded place with no sign of electricity at all, what do you do? The Survival Solar E Panels will then come in handy, arriving in 12 watt and 18 watt flavors that will retail for $69.99 and $99.99, respectively.

With the Survival Solar E Panels, as its name implies, you will be able to juice up your devices by harnessing the power of the sun, which is basically free. Heck, it is touted to be able to work even when the available sunlight is not as strong – including overcast days, at dawn or at dusk. There is also an auto restart that does away with delays caused by error messages, while a top grommet hole with side loops allow for attachment to backpack or other objects. The panels themselves are flexible enough for easy portability, and boasts of high-quality durable stitching for rugged applications. It takes around 5 hours to juice up a handset and 8 hours for a tablet, arriving alongside a USB to micro-USB cable.