Surge Protector Diversions Safe

If you’re worried that someone might make off with some of your smaller valuables, you might need something to keep them safe.  Sure, one of those big expensive combination safes would be nice, but they’re big and they’re expensive.  Which makes them unrealistic for while you’re traveling and completely out of the question if you’re on any kind of a budget.  Well this will look just like an average run of the mill surge protector to most people, but you’ll know the truth.

It is in fact a hollow surge protector to store your expensive jewelry within.  It’d be great for travel, because even hotel maids wouldn’t think much of it.  Plus it’s so lightweight that it wouldn’t weigh down your luggage and could easily be stashed in your suitcase without taking up too much space.  The surge protector can be plugged in, but all it does is power a small red light behind the switch.  You can purchase the safe for $29.99 from Be Wild.

Source: NerdApproved