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The Only Surfing Water Slide adds a new dimension of fun

surfing-water-slideSummer is almost here, and this means that it is time to let your hair hang out, not to mention settle for plenty of ice cold drinks in order to stave off the sweltering heat. Spending your holiday by the beach would definitely be a whole lot of fun, that is for sure, but if you do not happen to live anywhere near the beach, perhaps your lawn or backyard will have to do. Forget about the sound of waves breaking against the shore, as the $129.95 Surfing Water Slide offers its own kind of fun in a different way.

The Surfing Water Slide happens to be the only backyard waterslide which will be able to offer a surfing experience as a rider slides down its 30′ length on an included skimboard. Fret not about its build quality, since it is made from sturdy EVA and is capable of supporting up to 70 lbs., as the 30″-long padded skimboard glides over the thin layer of water which is applied to the slide’s surface through integrated misting jets that are located along the left side wall. There is also an arched pool noodle with half a dozen built in spray nozzles at the run’s start that will deliver a waterfall effect to ensure a complete soaking before a ride ends in a rounded pool. Surely this packs a whole lot more fun than a regular swimming pool?