Surf Chair Workstation

I don’t know about you, but sitting in the same position all day is really a pain, literally. It’s almost as if our backs have become accustomed to being in that one position, and are slowly evolving into a stiff curvature which keeps us in the seated position at all times.

And we can’t stay in that position ALL of the time, no matter how nerdy we might be. Though there might be a solution to staying with your computer in a much more comfortable and lounge-like atmosphere. The Surf Chair looks like a total dream to use for gaming, or darn near any sort of long-term computer session.

Designed by Kenneth Lylover for the ‘Internet Collection’ competition at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair, the Surf Chair snagged the title for Winner of “Best Product” at the event. And from just looking at the thing, you can tell it has earned its spot.

The Surf Chair mounts the monitor at an easily viewed height, though interestingly (and actualy disappointingly) enough, doesn’t include some sort of fold out table for the keyboard and mouse. The peripherals are kinda left hanging on your lap. Though for the name of design, this was probably left out for a reason.

Design Page via BornRich

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