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Superstar Popcorn Maker

Summer is here (at least for us folks living in the northern hemisphere, that is), and that can only mean one thing. A nice and long summer break is in store, and for all the kids may care, work is something that adults will have to handle, but kids – summer is their time of fun, pure and unadulterated. Not only that, summer is when plenty of fantastic movies are released on the silver screen, vying for your hard earned money while having merchandise tie-ins with fast food joints and toy stores to have kids pester their parents all the way. What good is a movie if you are unable to munch on some popcorn while you are at it, right? If you have a great home theater set up in your abode, then the £16.99 Superstar Popcorn Maker would be the ideal addition to the kitchen, too.

The Superstar Popcorn Maker is easily capable of popping a dozen cups of popcorn, taking a far less amount of time to do so compared to your average ad break. It has even been described to be the “easiest way to make popcorn in the universe”, being a mess- and hassle-free way of feeding a hungry army of kids who seemingly love popcorn naturally. All you need to do is add the kernels into the bowl, place this bad boy in the microwave, throw in some seasoning and you’re good to go. Since no oil is used, the corn would be fat-free and healthy.