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The Supersonic dryer from Dyson won’t fry your hair


When you step out of the shower with a head full of dripping wet hair, you need to make sure that it’s┬ádried before you try putting on clothes. If not, you get to deal with wet patches all over your shoulders and down your back┬áthat won’t dry until your hair does, which could be hours. The best method of success is to bust out your hairdryer, but for those that have to dry and style every day, you know how hard the heat can be for your mop.

If just saying the name Dyson makes you drool over how great their vacuums are, then you can imagine how exciting a hair dryer from them would be. The Supersonic looks like an air purifier more than anything, but will deliver air at high speeds with even heat. This thing will check the temperature 20 times in a single second to make sure it’s at one of its precise temperature settings. There are 4 in all, topping out at 212 for fast drying and styling, 176 for regular, 140 degrees for gentle drying, and constant cold air.

To make sure that you’re not stuck with jet engine speeds, you can choose between fast, regular, and gentle drying settings. The motor is in the handle, so much of the arm ache you would normally experience won’t be an issue anymore. For attachments, all are magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking and being useless. If all that with an ionizer to reduce frizziness while drying isn’t cool enough for you, the twist and release filter cleaning and 9 ft long cable might do it. This costs $399 on pre-order (you’ll have to wait until September to get yours), and is for those who are serious about hair care.

Available for purchase on dyson

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  1. This product — and its price — are so ridiculous it’s hardly worth mentioning. Still, I’m sure there are plenty of women on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who will pony up for this thing. Perhaps Dyson’s next project will be a $1,000 mousetrap.

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