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The SuperNova Light Cube uses light refraction to brighten up your tunes

SuperNova Light Cube

While listening to music is usually enough to change your mood for the better, there’s always some aspect to the process that could be improved upon. Maybe that means using an awesome pair of headphones, buying a high-quality sound system, or listening to music live. While those are some of the more ideal options, that’s not always available to us regular folk.

If you’re happy with a decent quality speaker that has an entertaining aspect to it, then you might enjoy the SuperNova Light Cube. This is a Bluetooth Speaker System that uses light prisms to transmit, refract, and project LED lights in a mesmerizing way. There are two mode buttons that will give you control of the pattern and the color pallet. You’ll find an auxiliary input on the back for devices that aren’t Bluetooth enabled, and it plugs in the wall, so you won’t have to worry about recharging.

Seeing that ThinkGeek created this, it comes as no surprise that the volume can go up to 11 (there aren’t number markings there, but we know it’s true). The best audio results will come from putting your volume at 80-85% and adjusting the speaker from there.The lights can keep going even without music if you would prefer, but why wouldn’t you want a thematic light show constantly being the background to your life? If you always want to be in the midst of a dance party waiting to happen, this will cost you $99.99.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek