Superhero Wetsuits Make You A Target For Beach Bullies

Nerds aren’t typically known for being great surfers. In fact, it’s a rare occurrence for most us nerds to even be seen on a beach. Our pasty skin just burns too easily. Maybe that’s why we should be wearing these wetsuits, even if we don’t go in the water. Just to cover up our precious skin.

If your thick glasses and rib-poking skinniness wasn’t enough fuel to spur the fire under the beach bullies butts, wearing one of these Superhero Wetsuits will surely do the trick. Resembling the superhero pajamas we use to wear as kids, these wetsuits allow you to display your comic book fanaticism, even when your not sitting around in your parents basement reading the adventures themselves.

Wetwear Custom Wetsuits has produced an assortment of Superhero Wetsuits for all of our geeky pleasure. They have made versions for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Dr. X, Tempest and more. Though they have a disclaimer on their site warning that even though there has been many requests for Spiderman, the webbing of the suit doesn’t lend itself very well to wetsuit composition.

You can have your own wetsuit made for you from Wetwear at varying prices, depending on the design. So grab your Spiderman branded sunblock and your Batman boogie board and prepare for one very geeky trip to the shore.

Product Page via Fashionably Geek

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