Superbeam Headset SB-405W from Andrea Electronics

The SuperBeam SB-405W headset is a very good set of headphones that deliver Hi-Definition sound. They have that old-school cushioned headphones look, but the size is smaller, so they feel less weight on the head.
Yes, the sweet sound that they make would be enough to sell them, but what really sells this headset is that it can record. It uses its “boom free” technology, which means that there are no long-necked microphones attached to the headphones.
Instead, there are small microphones attached to the left and right earpieces, and they have binaual microphone placement for 3D surround sound recording.
I got a chance to see (and hear) them work, and I was able to make a very clear recording of my voice with just these headphones. This surprised me, and these SuperBeam phones are good for VOIP, Video Conferencing, and works on so many great devices. For example, the SuperBeam comes with a USB adapter for a laptop, but the user has to purchase a Y-shaped wire for a smartphone.
The SuperBeam SB-405W Headset is available on the Andrea Electronics shop site for a price of $149.95. The headset comes with a protective case, but the Y-shaped cable smartphone adapter costs about $9.95.