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Super Slim LED Page Light

Do you like to do a spot of reading just before you retire for the night? If a bedside lamp is too bright for your partner who can’t wait to nod off, there is always a more gentle approach – the Super Slim LED Page Light. This thin and lightweight solution allows you to continue flipping pages without disturbing anyone else around, boasting a quartet of bright white LEDs that reflect the light within the lens and projecting it onto the page subsequently without blinding you. All you need to do is place it on the book or current page and you’re good to go. Being highly portable, this $25 gizmo makes for a great traveling companion.

4 thoughts on “Super Slim LED Page Light”

  1. Is this just a Lightwedge product? If so, then check out their site, there are many more options all around this price.

  2. While this sounds like a good gadget, it isn’t. How many books have you read that the pages are only written on one side only?

  3. @ d.h.

    you obviously have no imagination, or have never used this product. seriously.

    the wedge can just be tipped over to the opposite facing page to read it, just like turning a page. the lightwedge works both ways. that simple.

  4. i am an indonesian,…. where can i get this SUPER SLIM LED PAGE LIGHT????? Have u any store in melbourne????

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