Super-sized TV Remote won’t play hide and seek

giant-tv-remote.jpgSo you have had a tough day at the office and arrived home, kicking off your socks and planting your tush on the La-z-Boy, hoping to see what the almighty TV is able to offer you in terms of entertainment. You sense that something is amiss and start to panic when you realize the TV remote control is nowhere in sight, and turning the couch upside down yielded no positive results either. Muttering a line of curses under your breath that will even send Harry Potter into oblivion, you walk up to the TV and do the unthinkable – you turn it on manually. How nice would it be if you never get caught in such a situation? That is now possible with the Super-Sized TV Remote Control from Brookstone.

This device measures a 5″ x 11″ x 1″, making it large enough never to be misplaced anywhere. The Super-Sized TV Remote Control is extremely simple to program and features 296 different codes that enable it to work together with the most popular brands of A/V devices available in the market today. Don’t worry about the power source – this huge home device requires just a couple of AA batteries to run.

It comes with glow-in-the-dark buttons which enables you to find the remote even in pitch black darkness. With the ability to control up to half a dozen different devices, this is not as comprehensive as a universal remote control but it will suffice for the average home. Your DVD players, satellite, cable, TV, auxiliary A/V devices, and even the antiquated VCR will bow down to the mighty Super-Sized TV Remote Control. For $35, it could be one of the better investments as you virtually guarantee yourself against future disappearing remotes.

Source: Gearlover

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