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Super Retro Gamer 4-port USB hub rolls back the years

usb-4-port-hubToday‚Äôs world of video games is certainly a very different one from what we have experienced in the past. The leap in technological sophistication was a whole lot less back then — from 8-bit to 16-bit, the transition proved to be revolutionary, especially where the SNES or Super Famicom is concerned, delivering Mode 7 graphics and additional buttons on the controller for more options. Well, if you would like to relive your far younger gaming days, the $12.99 Super Retro Gamer 4-port USB hub might be just the deal.

This is one USB hub that will definitely bring a smile to your face no matter how stressed up you are at work, as you plug in a hard drive or a mouse or some other USB peripheral into it. It is a snap to use, is a no-brainer purchase decision for any serious Nintendo fans, and there is absolutely no need for any kind of button mashing at all. If there is one particular drawback that we can think of, it would be this — there is no USB 3.0 connectivity support here, as all four of those happen to be USB 2.0 ports.