Super Mario’s First Stage, in knit form

How far is too far? The answer to this question keeps getting ripped at the seams as more and more geeks around the world undertake extreme projects which take up days upon weeks of their time. This project is no different. It stretches the imagination on just how far geeks will go for their hobbies.

The Mario Scarf is an experiment in “extreme-geek knitting”. And when they say extreme, they mean it. Our favorite side scrolling classic of all time, Super Mario, and the iconic first level of the game are being knit into one long scarf. The first stage is very early in Mario’s quest to save the Princess, but it’s the level that most people remember, hence, the one we always have to start on after losing all of our lives.

The scarf master, named Cassie, is documenting the entire extreme knitting experience on “The Mario Scarf” blog. We can expect to see every detail of the grueling experience, perhaps even a blistered finger or two. And the end result? A classic video game level, captured fashionably in its entirety.

So far the experience has had some mixed emotions. At one point, Cassie learns that a shade of yarn she had been using to compose the background’s blue sky was discontinued, causing her to choose a similar, but different color yarn to finish the job. But she persists! The work looks amazing so far.

Blog via Boing Boing