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Super Mario Chess Set


Are you the cerebral type who have a love for popular pop culture? Then you might want to consider the Super Mario Chess Set – this game won’t come with changed rules in any way, and no, you aren’t allowed to stomp on opposing pawns but will have to stick to traditional chess rules instead. One shocking thing is this – Luigi acts as the queen, talk about weird! This is despite the fact that Princess Peach is still hanging around on the board. Ah well, guess strange days are ahead of us – no wonder Mario can’t really seem to start a relationship with Princess Peach in all the games we’ve played so far. The Super Mario Chess Set is going for $39.99.

4 thoughts on “Super Mario Chess Set”

  1. I love this chess set, i got one of these recently from amazon, however i lost 4 of the pieces so i had to purchase another set as all of my friends enjoy it so much i got mine from or something like that. its really funny when you cut an oppenents piece and you say a famous line for each charecter! bring out the n64 controllers! lets play some mario kart!

  2. This is pretty cool to someone like me who is a fan of both Mario and chess. I think this is an idea that will encourage many younger children to play chess.

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