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Super Magnetic Thinking Putty might even fool you

thinking-puttyWhile we do know that humans are a class above animals, since we have empathy and compassion (not to mention the downside of being extremely cruel on the other extreme), here is something that might just make you wonder whether we are right smack at the top of the food chain – at least for a while. I am referring to the £13.99 Super Magnetic Thinking Putty, where it is positively attractive, and comes in the following shades – Quicksilver, Reactive Razz, Strange Attractor and Tidal Wave.

With the Super Magnetic Thinking Putty, you will be able to see magnetic forces align right smack before your eyes, and while it feels just like putty in your hands, allowing you to bounce it, stretch it, squash it, tear it and even smash it, but the wonders of magnetism will bring the sense of electromagnetic wonder to a whole new level. Whenever the putty is stretched, molded or shaped, there will not be an electric charge in sight, but when you introduce it to a magnetic field, you would find yourself checking out those magnetic forces align. Not only that, it is grease-proof and odorless, now how about that?

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