Super Guppy Street Light Floor Lamp


I’ve always had a certain fondness for traffic themed gadgets that get re-purposed.  Partially because it’s better than just tossing those items out and then just because I like the look of them.  Unfortunately, despite that they’d have just gone to the trash, the items like this are never cheap.  This Super Guppy floor lamp that was formerly a street light is no exception to that either.  However, if you have the cash for it, it’d make for an interesting lamp.

The lamp would also likely weigh a ton, so it’s not exactly something I’d keep around if you have pets or over excited kids.  Otherwise someone would probably end up getting smashed.  You can actually purchase the lamp though, don’t worry, it’s not just some silly concept design.  Nor will you have to contact them to find out how bad the price tag is going to hurt.  To purchase the lamp it’s going to cost you $2400 from Modern 50.

Source: Likecool

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