The Super Gorone Desk is a desk that will make lounging with your laptop even easier

Super Gorone Desk

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, then you know all of the various odd angles you put yourself in trying to get comfortable. If you don’t use a laptop cooling pad, your legs are toasted if you sit with it on your lap for too long, and there aren’t many desks that can adjust well enough to fit your every need.¬†You can melt into one spot for an hour or so, but after a while you’ll want to readjust. If it has been a long day of lounging and you want to lay down before bed while surfing the web for just a little longer, you might find yourself stuck craning your neck and balancing the laptop on your knees or far off to the side of your pillow. Both options are only comfortable for so long.

If you’d prefer to use a desk that can accommodate most of your lounging scenarios, then the Super Gorone Desk might be worth looking into. This is a portable mini desk that can function as a couch or bed desk. It is highly adjustable, and only needs to be locked into place to stay in the exact position you want it in.

There is a strap to keep your laptop in place should you want to browse the web while laying in bed so it will hover above you, and has fans to keep it cool. When not in use you can fold this down flat and store it away under your bed or beside the couch until you need it again. It can hold up to 132 pounds, and comes with 4 protective covers, 2 hooks, and attachment bands. You’ll need to plug this in via USB to use the fans, and it will cost you $121 if you want to take your lounging to the next level.