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Super Cup Instant Noodle Hero Man – ramen made just right


There is one food that anyone who has ever struggled with finances knows of. Instant ramen can provide a pitiful amount of protein and just enough carbs to keep you alive. If you have moved on from your days of poverty and now eat it often as a solemn reminder of where you used to be, then you likely have enough money to spend on a silly accessory to aid you in your cup noodling.

If you often find yourself getting too excited about eating your noodles before they’re done, then Super Cup Instant Noodle Hero Man can save the day. This is a very real $11 product that you can buy to not only keep the lid down on your food, but its body will change color from heat. Once all but its head and legs have changed color, that will let you know that the appropriate three minutes have passed, and it is now safe to enjoy your cup noodles to the fullest.

These little dudes are made out of silicone, and are said to come in green, orange, and pink, even though the example photos certainly look blue. There are cupmen who are leaning back on top of the cup, or those who are dangling from the side, and if you’re really into this you can collect them all. It could be a conversation starter if you bring it to work for lunch, but it could also just be a weird toy you went out of your way to buy and set on top of your ramen every day that no one asks about.

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