Super Battery charges gadgets with hand crank

Super Battery charger for gadgets

Here’s another nice gadget to make sure that all your other gadgetry manages to stay charged, even when you’re away from home.  It will support over 1,200 devices and you can purchase plenty of tips for anything from your cellphone and iPod, to handheld game consoles.  It has more than one way to get a charge, making it ideal for emergency situations or just when you don’t have your charger on you.  It can be cranked to charge it up or you can go with the simpler route of plugging it into the wall.

Any hand crank device always takes a little while, if you crank it for two minutes, that will give you six minutes of talk time on your phone.  If you charge the battery up completely by plugging it in, it’ll give you four hours of talk time on your phone or five hours on your iPod.  If you’re in an emergency type situation, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the built-in flashlight as well.  It also has a twin cable, which will allow you to charge two more devices overnight.  The cable is optional though, so likely you’d have to pay extra to pick it up.  Luckily, the battery itself isn’t too expensive.  You can pick it up for $29.33 on Compact Impact.