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Sunscreenr makes sure you don’t miss a spot


We’ve all had a sunburn at least once. Whether or not you made a conscious effort to put on sunscreen doesn’t usually matter because we always miss a spot and end up with a burn. Of course, when you only have one burn it’s easy to forget about, which leads us to smacking it into what feels like everything as we try and go about our lives like normal.

If you’d like to keep yourself safe from roasted skin and the possibility of skin cancer, Sunscreenr will make sure you can’t miss a spot. Since sunscreen is designed to blend into our skin, we can’t tell where it is or isn’t after the tiniest bit of rubbing it in. This little device is smaller than a granola bar, but looking through it will show you where you have or have not put sunscreen. It will appear as though you’re applying a charcoal mask, and any lighter spots will let you know what needs a little extra love.

This is less than four inches long, 3 ounces in weight, and has a battery that should last for a weekend of regular use. Since this is going to be used around water, it is completely waterproof, designed to withstand the rough and tumble of going on an adventure┬áto the beach, and can even record up to 30 seconds of video! This will cost you $93, and you’ll be able to pick the shell color out of options of purple, yellow, green, red, or blue.

Available for pre-order on Indiegogo