Sunglasses,, that are so cool, they’ll eat your face,, Parasite

Well, ok, maybe they won’t eat your face, but they’ll definitely stay on. parasite sunglasses

These are from the French design team at Parasite. They have a line of super cool sunglasses.

I’m sure however you could easily figure that out after looking at the images here.

Check out their site for a full look at all the lines they have. I’ve been wearing my pair of toasters for waay too long and I think it may be high time to trade out for a pair of these (then again, they’re probably a fortune, ahh, what the heck, I only have these two eyes).

Click through their press pack for more info on these guys. They’re really going about their business well. They’ve got a solid design philosophy, amazing branding, and well, those glasses are awesome!

The real advantage here is that they’ve developed their eyewear holding system in a way that makes every frame of theirs very unique as well as functional. It grips in two areas referred to as the fronto-parietal zone as the upper arm, and the temporal bone area as the lower arm.

The best thing about them, is they don’t just make sunglasses, but they do prescription frames as well.   That of course means, once my eyes drop below 20/15, I’ll be picking up a pair of those too (umm, I don’t wanna know what that’s gonna cost!)

Thanks to Core77 for being on the lookout again! parasite prescription frames

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