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The SunFriend Personal UV Monitor keeps your tan in check

Sun Friend

We should all spend more time outside, but unless we’re prompted by Pokemon GO, good luck getting us to go anywhere. If you do start to venture out into the sun’s rays more often, you need to give your skin proper protection from the sun. While sunscreen will certainly help, different skin types have differing sensitivities to UV exposure, and it’s hard to tell when you’ve gotten enough sun for the day.

While gadgets like the Sunscreenr will help you make sure you’ve hit all the right spots with sunscreen, the SunFriend will tell you when you’ve had enough UV exposure in general. This bracelet will help make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D without overdoing it on UV exposure. Since it is very likely to be used in or near water, it is waterproof down to 3 meters, and you don’t have to worry about it connecting to your phone to tell you anything important.

When you’re gallivanting out in the sunshine, you’ll want to pay attention to whether or not the LEDs are all lit up. Should they all be screaming at you with their tiny flashing lights, you’ll know it’s time to call it a day on the sun exposure. You’ll have to pick the proper sensitivity, and if you still get burned that likely means your picked the wrong one. There are color choices of black, citrus orange, grey, ocean blue, or spring green, but it all depends on what you want sitting on your wrist. For whatever reason, you’ll also have to make that decision in a price range of $16-45 depending on the color you choose.

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