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SunCalc – Measure the best spot for plants

Sun Calculator

I’m not much of a gardener but if I was this is the gadget I’d need to tell me where to plant things, the SunCalc.

And stop killing valuable plants by planting them in the wrong location with this clever sunlight calculator that measures accumulated light at a specific location in your yard. Just set the digital calculator into a pot and “plant” it in your garden. 24 hours later, indicator lets you know whether that plant location is full sun, partly sunny, partly shady or full shade so you can match specific plant light requirements to that location and maximize your plant’s potential.

The Sun Calculator is available from Computer Gear for $29.99, though as to why a computer shop sells a gardening gadget, I have no idea.

1 thought on “SunCalc – Measure the best spot for plants”

  1. Good gadget.. But i prefer using, it’s more precisely and cheaper than Suncalc!

    Sun-time lets you determine the sunshine duration for a particular spot using GPS and astronomical calculations.

    In just three clicks, Sun-Time provides precise, real-time information on the annual hours of sunshine of a particular spot, whether a facade, a balcony, a garden, a window, a pool, or even a roof. But Sun-Time also lets you obtain the position of the sun in the sky visible from a given spot, according to the date and time of your choice, and even allows you to compare the location with the potential sunshine duration of the region where the property is located. This sophisticated tool also has an option to refine the data according to potential obstacles that could conceal the sun, like a hill or a building. Consequently, the user obtains customized results.

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