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Sun Strap flexible solar panel loves hanging out in the sun

sunstrapSolar power seems to be the way to go for many of us when it comes to renewable energy – just take a look at the number of landed property that have solar panels up on their roofs to help offset the rising cost of electricity, and you will get what I mean. However, what if there was a way to integrate solar panels into everyday objects so that our power hungry devices will never, ever run out of juice since it is always convenient to provide them with a quick energy pick-me-up whenever and wherever possible? This is where the Sun Strap flexible solar panel comes in handy.

The Sun Strap will make use of a flexible solar panel which is capable of going around any kind of bag strap, where just like Superman, he will be able to harness the power of the sun and juice up its internal battery while you continue with your day’s work. The Sun Strap utilizes a 1.5W flexible solar panel, and it also sports a 5,600mAh built in battery which is capable of charging any USB device just like that of your smartphone, tablet or digital camera. In fact, when the Sun Strap’s battery is fully charged, it is touted to be able to fully juice up an iPhone 5 for up to three and a half times.

Located on the bottom of the Sun Strap lies a 5V/1A USB output, a LED battery indicator and a 5V/1A micro USB input that ensures you will never ever leave the home again with a depleted battery. Not only that, to make sure it will be widely adopted, the Sun Strap will be lightweight in nature, making it ideal for outdoor activities as it tips the scales at a mere 5.8oz (165 grams), measuring 3″ x 15″ (7.6 x 38 cm). The Sun Strap itself was specially designed to fit around any bag strap, so it is perfect for your backpack, purse, golf bag, computer bag, or even on your bike. Your imagination’s the limit!

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