Sun Dial Watch

If an LED watch isn’t retro enough how about a sun dial.

Continuing in our tradition of reporting on the multitude of time keeping instruments (I’m desperately trying for the sake of variety not to call them clocks and watches (again)). We’ve just found a remake of probably the oldest time keeping device; the Sun Dial. These wonderful time pieces were very popular in historic times and could be seen in many a Roman or successful caveman’s abode.

The most famous sun dial is Stonehenge, though it is debatable whether it is a sun dial or not but as it consists of lots of stones in a circular layout, all of which have the power of casting shadows we reckon it’s a pretty impressive looking clock (by coincidence or design).

Well you can now get a miniature Stonehenge that fits in your pocket and also lets you tell accurate time though out the day by means of shadows. It takes a bit of setting up as you need to align it correctly using the in built compass but once that is done you will be able to predict the exact moment of the winter and summer solstices.

This sun dial watch is only capable of telling the time in day light, if you need to tell the time 24 hours a day (as if) you will have to invest in some glow in the dark paint and paint the top’s of the little stones (or use a torch), actually their is an analogue watch on the back which you can use to verify the stone age time is correct.

You can get this wacky (and educational, honest) time piece from our favourite store,

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