Flexcope Roadtrip Mount – Makes your iPhone a Roadtrip Camera

I take movies and pictures of everything. I love the idea of preserving memories of our family vacations and events. I always enjoy watching them myself, but my hope is they will bring back wonderful memories for my daughter someday. I never thought to record the actual journey. I can think of a few that would have been really nice to have on tape.
Well, Flexcope has developed a camera mount that’s compatible with many recording devices like the Flip HD, Kodak Sport, Galaxy or Droid and even the iPhone that turns your device into a roadtrip video recorder, one that will stick to virtually any smooth, non porous surface and provide a unique hands free documentation of all your travels.
The Flexcope mount comes with a heavy duty suction cup and two flexible adjusting knobs, which will allow you to achieve almost any angle you might require for mounting your portable electronic device,  this multipurpose universal mount secures your portable electronic, while you are on-the-go, and while it was developed for windshields, it has also been used on motorcycles and other vehicles where you would like to document a special ride.
So eliminate the need to hold or adjust your video camera and get ready to capture every twist and turn on your favorite scenic route, and when you no longer need to record something, simply replace the camera with your GPS device or music player. At only 20 bucks this mount is a must-have for photography enthusiasts who are ready to take to the open road. Get yours at Please check the website for device compatibility.